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The Early Years
2004 to 2006

— Time capsule

At the start of 2019, while clearing out my loft I found a stash of old work from my first design job. After leaving university back in 2004 I landed a job at the now defunct studio Twelve:Ten.

The studio was made up of a small group of super talented graphic designers. Doing lots a small projects for local businesses in Nottingham. The environment allowed a great deal of freedom in the work and client relationships. Some healthy competition and a great deal of drinking. I was lucky to have landed there at the start of my career.

The little time capsule I found consisted of some CDs, an Iomega Zip Disk and some club night flyers. It's now a massive hassle to read the digital work — Zip Drive to USB-C then open the Freehand file!? While for me print was very much the second fiddle to the digital work, it lives, so here it.